CryoPlus - Cryogenic Services
CryoPlus Inc - Cryogenic Services
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Kathi Bond - President of CryoPlus, Inc

The Story

Kathi Bond founded CryoPlus, Inc. in 1994 to provide cryogenic service to the woodworking, stamping, tool and die, shearing, slitting, welding, punching, musical, shooting and racing industries. CryoPlus, Inc quickly positioned itself as one of the well-recognized cryogenic service providers in the industry. It has been certified as a Women's Business Enterprise. It's all about superior service and we have the very best!

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the cryogenic processor

The Process

The state of the art processor utilizes the refrigeration capacity of liquid nitrogen in a batch process that is controlled by a microprocessor. Liquid nitrogen flows through a spray distribution system inside the chamber and is vaporized into an expanded gas. The circulation fan inside the chamber ensures proper transfer of heat during the process. It is designed to process parts at -300°F as well as heat materials to +350°F.

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the advantages cryogenic servicing

The Advantages

Improve performance and increase the life up to 400% of metal cutting tools, blades, knives, stamping dies, shears, punches and even your engine components, baseball bats, golf club heads and musical instruments with cryogenic processing. The process of deep freezing metal parts makes the internal structure more uniform, durable and stronger. The net result for the customer is lower manufacturing costs and superior product performance.

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